The 2018 Season.

Who is likely to top 2018 season?

Hard to predict this one especially from the surprises that were pulled towards the end of the 2017 season. We review who are likely to carry the day, in Both Men’s Singles, Ladies, Singles and the Doubles.

Men's Singles

We start with the current top player (Overall and Nairobi Region), Gadin Magada. Gadin Magada, the Enzyme enjoyed the 2017 season dominating ¾ of the season on top of the table. He’s definitely likely to catalyze the fight for his rightful spot, right at the top.

Robert Tally and Ibrahim kipsang from North-Rift are another pair we can never dismiss in this fight to the top. The two have been the biggest fighters from North-Rift so far. Though the major tours have not been fair to them, they have dominated their region receiving less and most of the time no resistance from Ian Muturi, Juma Joseph, Luis Maina and the rest of the top 10 from the region.

Tirimba Bramuel and Rodgers Masinde have dominated the Kakamega region ranking for the past 2 season. Are they likely to bring that dominance to our main tour? Only Time will tell.


Having Talked about the top players from their respective regions lets focus on the rest of the likely winners based on the last season’s ranking and the improvements made. Misse Alan finished a comfortable 2nd position and only 2018 season will tell if he is likely to be the Humara Top player come next year. Humphrey Acarpel is definitely a contender in this fight. He has been improving right from the start of the season having started at position 22 and finishing 4th few points below 3rd placed Ben Mugo. If he continues with this forward progress it will not be long before he stamps his place at the top.

Then there is a whole lot of amazing players, who have dominated in the regional tours but due to career/job commitment they have not had time to appear in all tours and claim the top place. They have the potential, they have the skills, have the zeal, have the will and now only needs time to head to the top. Ben Mugo, Zack Keru, Lawrence Biwot, Solomon Karan, Ian Irungu, Eric Shile, Danson Muthanda, Xavie Kandie, Kelly Ometuer, Robert Juma to mention but a few are the contenders from this group.

This season we are also likely to see the new members course upsets, Sam Muriuki has already shown he has all it takes to top, having lost only one final of the three Humara tours he has played, Sam is likely to be the next champion.

Prince Nyakabau is likely to make a comeback after almost a year out of the courts. He left while at the top and we are likely to see him return and try to head just there.

Finally there is the group of the unmentioned, the group that walks in the shadows and ready to pounce whenever the chance arises. They are always ready to course the upset. They take whatever is thrown to them and work their best. The kind that you dismiss only after the game ends and shake hands with the opponent. Whoever they will be, they will also be eyeing the top position.

Men's Singles

Just like men, the top player overall last season is likely to hold onto her position. Nancy Nduku alias Madam Admin has overtime proved she has what it takes to stamp her authority right at the top of Humara Tennis Rankings.

Although Ednah Kurgat from Kakamega has enjoyed the top position in her region, the same has not been replicated in the major tours and hope this new season gives her the chance to do so.

Sylvia Bonaneri, Beverly Rose and sylvia Kivaze from North-Rift have interchanged the top position all season long and maybe it is time for them to take the fight to the main tour.

Just like men’s singles, ladies’ singles also have those who have fell short of few points to the top most position. Elvira Immaculate, Joy Lister, Wilma Akinyi, Silvia Gathoni among others are also the favorites.

Ladies also have the same challenges as men when it comes to time. This has affected the likes of Treasa Mutuko, Irene Mureithi, Cynthia Keza, Jane Wanjiku and the list goes on. We hope this new season time will favor them and let them prowess.

The new lot is also amongst the top contenders this season. Cherryl Fouaso leads this team.

Then the underdog team comes in. They will be waiting for their chance to rise to the top.

Men's / Ladies Doubles

We haven’t seen much from this category and hope this season there will be a change.

Mixed Doubles

Other than Irene/Misse , Nancy/Collo and Evira/Humphrey Teams we have not had much also. Where Irene is likely to return and continue their winning ways or Collo will finally get time to bring back the winning spirit or Humphrey/Elvira will remain strong and stand the coming teams is on a question that can be answered with time.

All in all, everyone will be looking forward to create their mark.