The Constitution

Humara Tennis uses a constitution, code of conduct, terms and conditions reviewed and last updated in November 2017 by Humara Members and participants. Download the document to familiarize yourself with it

Bye-laws, Terms and Conditions of Humara Tournaments

Humara Tennis requires all Participants to exhibit good sportsmanship, including fair play, ethical behavior, integrity, generosity, and genuine concern for others. Regardless of their role in a sport or activity, all Participants are expected to be aware of their influence on the behavior of others, and to exhibit good sportsmanship.

Tournament Terms and Guidelines

1. The draw will not be official and must not be published unless approved by the Tournament Referee.
2. No player will be allowed in the Tournament after the entry closes.
3. Tennis attire must be worn during matches otherwise the player will be liable to be scratched.
4. Competitors who are 15 minutes late after their matches have been called will be scratched.
5. Competitors will be permitted to WARM-UP on court before the match starts for a period not exceeding 5 minutes.
6. Competitors MUST umpire when requested to do so.
7. Participants can only withdraw and refunded if they give genuine reason approved by the organizing team
8. The decision of the referee will be final and Humara Tennis approved code of conduct will be observed at all times.

Code Violation and Player Mis-conduct

Any code violations given during Humara Tournament must be submitted into the Tournament Planner file prior to the completion of the tournament. Participants in the membership database with a valid email address will be sent a confirmation of the code violation given at the tournament the following week. If a Participant reaches a certain number of code violations within a 4-month period, they shall also receive an automatic suspension notice. It is the responsibility of the Participant to ensure the email address in the membership database is current.

Any misconduct recorded by the official Tournament Referee, Regional Coordinator and other appointed officials, is to be reported to the Board Members who then appoints a committee to place disciplinary chargers and give a fair and just ruling as per the constitution of Humara, Kenya Tennis and ITF. A player has a right to be notified of the misconduct, right of hearing and accorded a fair and just ruling. S/he is entitled to appeal 14days after the ruling is made.