About Humara Tennis

With regions across the country, Humara Tennis is an exciting way to enjoy tennis wherever you are every weekend and major tours across the region . We are committed to promote the growth of Tennis in the country, the region and beyond. Join us this weekend and #createyourmark

Humara Tennis Officials, Their Messages, Roles and Duties.

Board Members
Roles & Duties
i) Serve as a Court of Appeal
ii) Oversee the running of the organization and advice.
iii) Vet all the appointed members before they can assume office.
iv) Vet and approve committees and commissions appointed by the Director.

Message From The Director



Director, Humara Tennis
Roles & Duties
i) To oversee all the organizations activities,
ii) To chair the meeting of the management team.
iii) Chair of the Board Members and chair of general meeting or any other meeting held nationally.
iv) Appoint committees and commissions.

Message From The Deputy Director



Deputy Director, Humara Tennis
Roles & Duties
i) Deputize the Director in ensuring smooth running of the organization.
ii) Assume the office of Director when the Director is absent.
Information Team
Roles & Duties
i) Advise the organization in the event of a crisis.
ii) Operate under the office of Director and or Deputy director and take.
lead in the correspondent and information duties. iii) Craft an overview of how the organization wants to be perceived.
iv) Update scores, player profiles and manage all digital information as per the by-laws of the organization.
v) Responsible for the publication of major tournaments information and communicate to members any information agreed by the Board Members affecting all regions both in prints and digital format.

Message From The General Secretary



General Secretary Humara Tennis
Roles & Duties
i) Meetings are effectively organized and minuted.
ii) Maintaining effective records and administration.
iii) Maintain the official membership roll.
iv) Notify officials, elected and appointed members of their election or appointment.
v) Assume the role of Tournament Director in all major Tours.
vi) Organizing the necessary supplies in all of the Humara Regions.
Organizing Team
Roles & Duties
i) Organize and ensure smooth running of the tournament in coordination with other offices during major tours as per the Humara calendar.
ii) Take care of players’ welfare during major tours.
iii) Appoint tournament referees, and other officials during the tournament.
Finance Manager
Roles & Duties
i) Keep an accurate record of all money received and disbursed.
ii) Be in charge of overseeing an organization’s operating expenses.
iii) Reporting of Financial Transactions and provide mini-statements in not more than 5 days upon request.
iv) Make and receive payments for the organization as instructed by the members elected and the Board Members.
v) Do or and assign follow-up for payment from members and any other payment being made.
Regional Representatives
Roles & Duties
i) Represent the Director in their respective region.
ii) Organize mini-series in their region and assume the organizing lead team in the event a major tour is held in their region.
iii) Mobilize registration of members in their region.
iv) Record and present scores, and take care of their player’s welfare as per the by-laws.